Sunday, September 26, 2010


A gift could be anything. Anything. Living healthy and surrounded by great families, that's the greatest gift ever. For the healthy yes.. being healthier are the great gifts. The unhealthy ones, well.. the greatest of all gifts was just to be alive and to be with families and hoping and wishing to be healthier.. and given a chance to live to see another day is also a gift. It could be anything. Not necessarily things. Gifts also include love, TLC and many more. Hearing what one had to say.. that's also a gift. Donating organs, that's a gift from someone to you and having to live your life to see good things coming your way, that's just a super gift you ever get.

Why i talk about gift. You're living healthy. And sometimes you forgot to appreciate with what you have. Just little things matters. I forgot too. I thought i would love to live like this and that. But when you watched health channels, well, it immediatelly open your eyes, there are people struggling to live.

How strong are you? How strong are you? How strong are you if that people are you? Are you going to be that strong? Are you? Am i? Am i? I asked myself.. Am i.

Why whine when you are in well and good contidion? Small things upsets you? You got to see the worst ever real story about surviving from living in hell (though i don't know how living hell is... ) but have the courage to live. And never surrender..

So never forget ... you're still okay. A gift is a special gift and look how you are now.. be thankful that you got to be living like you're now.. than sebaliknya. Your life is a gift from Allah.. What's your gift to others?

Psst.. i am very sleepy. nite.

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