Monday, September 6, 2010


Love TEAM WORK. Its happening. Great things happens when you work together as a TEAM. You woun't want to miss working with your collague. I know you will say this and that, but even how you dislike and unconfortable with them, its just that you don't know them yet.

Its like love. Love language ada kan. So as Personality too. You need to know their personality. I know.. i know... MTKI? heheh.. Its okay. I understand how you feel.

I have been working as a Radio Presenter since 1998. And yes, some stay and some go. Lots of personalities to learn there jua. So where ever you are pun, its the same. There's not going to be any different so long you have someone you work with. You can't change people punya personality. But you can learn what are their personality and tune yourself with them. How about that?

You don't like it? I know some don't agree. If you don't agree, well you better work out your EGO. That would be a big problem when you work that you would not get along with anybody. Only the one you choose to work with that can get along with you, but hey... not so fast. That people you choose, probably are like you, but worst than you that not 100% liking you too.

Hehe.. apa kan.

So learn their personality when you want to work for long and enjoy the friendly environment and good communication with your collague. If ada tiger attitude, beware, just don't push it too far, and knows what's best for tiger. If you got snake attitude, well.. beware too.. if you etc etc etc.. like you will know and you will say.... eh.. macam perangai dot dot dot, well, take cautions and understand what's best with that attitude. Control your EGO and humble lah, no matter who you are, people will love you.

Be a person people like to be around with. Look presentable, dress to work, not play, polite to people, SMILE, make yourself useful to others while working, and always appreciate them whatever small things your collague did for you.. THANK YOU is the magic word..

I wanted to thank you to my collagues for the help and support they gave and share with me for the preparation of my Raya Program. We spend wow.. quite a long hours in the production last night to finished up our programs for Raya and our promo..

Wonderful.. Macam macam attitude ada, and that makes it fun. That's the quality everyone DJs in PelangiFM have and that's really Special. One thing, That's why PelangiFM is the best there is in Brunei.... :))))

Yang cali nya, bila mic atu di depan, wah... macam macam karenah keluar and macam macam gelagat suara pun di dangar, berani. Tapi bila kan dengar balik suara suara nya, hahahh... bila orang malu. Cali jua tu kan. But hey, you all Pelangi DJs are superb. And also our friends Taufik, Feeqah and Cdie.. Huray!!!

its a WRAP!!

psst. you like or you don't like, :) we are still here to entertain! xoxo

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Crash and Burn said...

hey babe, I can say you can make a book macam Kimora Lee atu, yang How to be Faboulousity. Not saying that tani cukup kenal personality sorang2 but within Radio presenter as experience i guess banyak knowledge talking to people and mingle with friends. Hehehe....I think you can do it Zura. Like this blog too. Good luck!