Friday, September 10, 2010


I could not believed when i heard my brother and his wife and child were in an accident early this morning. That was at 1am. I only knew at 11.45am this morning. Hospital called mom at 5 am ish. Shock!

Yesterday heavy rain. I felt something's not right. But i don't know. Spoke to my brother where they are about. He told me he is in Serusop, then he said going back to KB. I didn't know he drove back from KB to Bandar last night jua because anak bulan nampak. They drove all the way to KB to pick up their daughter, wanting to celebrate raya with us in Bandar. But ..

I was at home. That accident caused bruises on the head, face, neck. Child, fractured arm, and swollen face, bruises on her feet and in wad now under observation. 1st raya, i guess hospital is the main house for this year. Nini there in wad as well and my brother punya daughter pun in wad. Different wad.

So many accidents yesterday, everywhere you could say. With weather like this, you can't say. Extra careful. I doubt my brother's car is okay to drive. Condemm. that's how bad the accident was. He said, his wife and himself wore SEATBELT. But their child was lying at the back seat sleeping. So i guess now, when you seat at the back seat, please wear your seatbelt.

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7th Sign said...

Arwah my dad meninggal in car accident.. balik nya dari kraja. i dont want to continue, sedih ku krg.. anyway.. safety is important. kadang2 kitani nda cuai tapi org lain yang cuai.. langsung mbawa padah arah kitani. so untuk smua, berhati2 d jln raya... amalkan sikap hormat menghormati. bersopan santun sesama pengunna2 lain supaya.... ORANG LAIN NDA CEDERA ATAU TERLIBAT DLM KEMALANGAN YANG NDA PATUT2!