Saturday, September 4, 2010

I thought i saw..

Tadi jua hujan lebat, balik dari RIPAS. Not me driving of course. Passing one jambatan, i tunduk but i thought i saw .... arah jambatan atu masa hujan lebat ah. Inda kan orang kali, but white like puchong atu bah. I thougt i saw but not sure. Don't quote me but i thought i saw saja. Inda, i didn't say a word, just writing here sharing with you. I am not feeling well tonite. Hope tomorrow be better. You know what i think, i think i watched too much SUPERNATURAL kali... I hope so.

1 comment:

7th Sign said...


maybe reflection cahaya kali, or ada contractors tinggali jubah drg sana bks trawih..

simpan Buku Yassin dlm krita Zura, at least 2 kah... take care.