Thursday, September 4, 2008


Salam... How are you today? this morning? wish you well and all the best for today to go through what you have to ya.. How was yesterday? did you learn any lesson from yesterday? Yes.. sometimes its like that. And not... but hope you see now.. yesteray is history, today ... something you will find out and that would be mystery.. and tomorrow ... who knows??

Beautiful calm morning... fresh one too. Woke up .. sahur and solat. A good day today.. though still a mystery .. i am ready and redha all kerana Allah. I doa for me to go through another day and to see a new one tomorrow with a SMILE..

you can hear me now.. PELANGI FM at and just click PELANGI FM. em.. of course in malay version ya.. good songs for your ears this morning.. he.he... hope you enjoy it and enjoy me this morning with you util 10am..

i am smiling now.. because i know you're smiling too.. that's good. At least we have each other this morning. Sometimes things just have to be it. Don't worry too much. I do sometimes.. but at the end.. i let it out with a cry .. a MAJOR ONE too and it wipes it all. I feel good after that.. then end it with just A SMILE because it is the medicine of it all....

Wah!!! i talk tooo much... Well at least i keep you company for this hour. Do you company??? haha.. giler eh!! happy fasting. just so beautiful.. i feel wanted and love.. oooooOOOOOoooo WHAT IS ZURA TALKING ABOUT???#! only for me to know and you to find ouTT..

take care my love..

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