Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WOW!! I AM..I AM...

hEhE.. i received this from MOON in my FACEBOOK ... haha.. cute eh. Thank you. You're fun too. ha.a.. i like the part.. ZURINA?? AHEM.. THANK YOU TO YOU AND HANS TOO FOR COMING TO OUR PELANGI STUDIO FOR THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ARTIST OF THE MONTH.

Exclusive Interview with AOTM, me??errkk..

"Thanks Zura for the Interview!! I had fun!! I grabbed some of the pix and put 'em in my facebook... thanks so much!!Im so glad its u!!memang gilerrrrr gitu!!mwahs mwahs!!love u lots!!!"

"yup..its my first time, i was nervous so i dragged Hans to go with me.. It turned out well! Zura is one happening lady!!! she managed to ilangkan kenervousan diri ini, apakan! and, its funny wen ada sms refer me as Zurina..hahahaha!!mcm2 lagi, Nasrina, Azrina pun ada..kesian kan nama diri ini..uhuk..uhuk.. but it was fun!!and we made this spontaneous game : guess wat's my nick name!! 2 winners got it and dey'r getting our album for free!!l Thx Hans, Mirul and Zura!!enjoy brabis!!"

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