Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thank you to my baby Sister Amiza Hj.Zainal Abidin for the gift all the way from UK. Didn't expect that... but thank you for the thought. And my brother pass em to me.. been busy and still haven't got the chance to meet her. She is back and i think she be here for the summer holiday. Cool. Thank you.... Love you dear... Wow.. the perfume and lipstick match my nail color too... Wonderful.. and Luqman say thank you too..

Gosh lots of prezie!!! that day at work on RENTAK 2-6 was so happy. Happy for what? Entah.. just happy saja. Though tension jua, but happy the most. So i take the happy and leave the tension and enjoyed the day... Habis bespray bah dalam studio.. nice smell too...

one for me.. one for Luqman..


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