Monday, July 14, 2008


Pump up my energy and semangat by attending the meeting in the morning till 6pm. Wah.. i want THAT... What? Well.. that only me know saja. I was at my WARUNG ZURA yesterday till about 12am. From 6pm to 12am. Satu hari. I told my son to be sabar with kesibokan mami nya ani dulu. Anyway, i got "S" his other mami to look after jua. Thank you "S".

So, bisnes been good so far. And i hope you too enjoyed the ABC & TEH 'C' SPECIAL.. ONLY $1.00 saja tu. You should try one. Very nice. Especially, pagi or petang or bila bila lah.. ikut selera masing masing. I am surprised ramai like ABC malam.. wow... i tot only morning ja.. That's interesting.. ha.ha..

Hey.. guess what?? i m listening ASHRAFF EXCLUSIVE NEW SINGLE.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST LISTEN. But i think you will not dangar yet until further notis.. aiseh.. au eh. I give you a clue..VIP..VIP.. VIP.. beautiful rugged song eh. I am so lucky to get to dangar kan nya dulu... ASHRAFF RANNIL FEAT.AZEEM (artis of the month of JULY ) genre - HIP HOUSE eh.. !!

So anyway.. i must say improvment. Very nice. I am so grateful eh. Bah back to me.. em.. still working now until 2pm. Then rehat jap. Then back to WARUNG ZURA. More photos to share. Last nite too got artist and Djs makan sana. Wah.. suka i..

MY SAMBAL.. - BIASA AJA. CIKIT PEDAS. MANYAK PEDAS.. emm.. you suka apa ya?

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