Monday, July 28, 2008


PS.. went to Delifrance for takeaway lunch and then to Coffee Bean to have my Ice Blended.. em usually blended Mocha Coffe.. but that day .. just feel like having a different flavor.. yummy..

and that day jua i also ambil my watch.. My Favourite one i bought in Jakarta.. Beautiful one in sweet baby pink and with Swarzky Crystal.. But send to Miri and have the glass atu fixed. You know why?? Pecah ani bah.. drop real hard.. and well.. kecuaian meself jua.. They send it to Kuala Lumpur and only took about a month saja. Now i got it back... yeah..yeah....
Oh i wasnt in a good mood too... well not so lah. Okay lah.. At least i cheer meself up by membeli makanan kegemaran i and minuman kegemaran i. That change it all around but still ada serpihan nya jua not so in a good mood.... oh well..well..

up.. that's how i took the picture and down is the result of the picture i took. Em.. notis the subject is the ice blended .... huhu..

Yummy kan?? Want one?

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