Friday, July 18, 2008


Wah many stories eh. Many pengalaman. I haven't been updating as i used to and i miss it so much. I don't know where to get it out of my system with the frustration i have membangun WARUNG ZURA ani... ada must ada. Mustahil inda ada. But i managed to SMILE still.. Insyallah.
Everything lah tu.. enjoy?... yes siok berabis ada warung ani.. but siok nya atu, ada jua penat lalah nya. Ada all tu.. And the pengalaman i have just amazing. Me turun ke kapal ani bah membawa kapal.. ? Kapal?? yes.. WARUNG ZURA is my kapal jua for bisness... ada lagi kapal yang besar tu yang me mesti naik. Me menanti MY SOUL MATE membawa kapal atu for me.. for now, yes.. me alone ja.
Atu bout my life ah.. alone tu. Yang WARUNG ZURA.. i have many help.. and that help i will cherish till the last breathe i have on this earth. Mana orang tau tu menjalankan sendiri 'KAPAL' aka WARUNG ZURA atu. Rasa nya amazing though ..... But i masih mampu membuat semua atu and i like doing it..
As you go along reading my blog, i will post pictures of my WARUNG ZURA jua. Thank you to all yang datang ke WARUNG ZURA. Got ABC Z , ICE TEA 'C' SPECIAL Z , EM.. NASI AYAM SAMBAL aka NASI KATOK lah paling popular gelarannya.. HE.HE..
Amazing, the whole two days i was there, especiall noon time, no work in PELANGI, i met all the people who also read my blog. Thank you guys.. You know who you are. I asked them where they from.. and all come from different daerah. From KB . TUTONG. MUARA. KG AIR. Q.LAP. TELISAI. and lots more.. banyak eh and ramai eh. Thank you. I hope you like the AYAM. THE SAMBAL AND THE DRINKS. Please.. if you come by, must try my ABC Z AND ICE TEA 'C' SPECIAL sekali.. then if you ever want more, COME AND YOU'RE MOST WELCOME.. Sekali ani ramai ramai yah...
Oh.. if you want to book, then MUST PAY TARUS... SEbab you know what, not in my WARUNG ZURA lah.. some place i used to work, booking lah 30 lah.. 40 lah.. 50 lah.. sudah atu nada orang mengambil. Atu perbuatan aniyaya kan.. so if you want to tapau, CASH ANTAR DULU, THEN WE PREPARE THE MAKANAN FOR YOU.. YAH.. Safe for both side.
Sekira nya, you want 30 or 4o, drop by ke WARUNG ZURA and pay first, pick up in 2 hours kah... or berapa kah. So it wount waste your time to wait jua ya. Atu tu.. and if you want the ABC Z atu, bah awal awal tah jua ya... Kalau paham bisai.
HUH!!! Nyaman eh memblog ani.. I MISS BLOGGING. Frustration i have atu, its a good one. Not a bad one. Got the bad one, but MALAS NAK LAYAN!!! Ha..ha.ha..a..

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