Saturday, July 26, 2008

I AM ON-AIR NOW... GO TO and CLICK PELANGI FM.. netradio when you MISS ME..... owh!! yeah so true.. when you miss BRUNEI and you are far..far away... there.

I am having fun here.. and hope you are too.. Its funny when you are sad.. and down... yes it is. An emotional feeling that you cannot control.. same to being happy and INLOVE.. Well all you cannot control eh.. Amazingly you will get over it by time.. with time.. yes .. yes.. so true.

Now on-air .. AMY WINEHOUSE 'will you love me tomorrow?" - Will you? I love to know that your love, is love i can be sure of.. so tell me now.. so i woun't ask again.. will you still love me tomorrow..? will you still love me tomorrow..? will you? LOVE AND WANTED is totally different tu with LOVE AND NOT WANTED.. Which category you fall in now..?

Me.. LOVE AND NOT WANTED!! ha.ha.a.. LOVE but not wanted. Well..oh well... Owh!! What's with critizing pepole? All i know is probably JEALOUSY... AND LOW SELF ESTEEM.. Hey you.. You're special too. Didn't you know that? You need to read a lot of good books. Hang around with good people.. just do a bit of good gossips for a healthy life style.. and love yourself and others before you can receive the respect and love from others too.... Its what you do that makes you who you are.. all with you... So cheer up.

I JUST LOVE AIZAT'S ALBUM.. GREAT SONGS TOO.. heard he is coming to Brunei for someone's wedding in OGOS loh... he.he.. hope have the chance to meet him too.. Just make a wish.. hope it come true..

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