Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today supposed to take picture di Bandar, but not feeling well. Not enough of everything. Not enough sleep. Not good. oh .. today i have a weird dream. Crazy and weird. Not for sharing eh. But he.he.. weird. Oh well...

So today again at gerai, right after work. That be after 2pm. Business been good so far. And that too been tiring too. But yeah again, tiring in a good way. When not at WARUNG ZURA tiring rasanya, but when i go there, wah.. inda jadi ngalih ani bah. I enjoyed making ABC and the drinks there. I got something in mind but that would be phase two.

Today kan Public Holiday here in Brunei, Oh my MAMA punya birthday too. Gosh!! time passed very fast. and yes we are growing older kan.. he.he... yaiek!! rindu masa muda muda jua, but then kalau kan sentiasa muda, well... we wount learn anything about life. Umur or number is nothing to some people. But some yeah.. kira toh. But whatever lah.. live life to the fullest.

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