Tuesday, July 1, 2008


RISE AND SHINE... but mendung lah tadi on the way atu. See by later, hot or spicy.. he.he.. hot sunny or rain. Mana mana lah ye.. A very good moring to you... I know school holidays begitu meriah sekali, now back sending brother lah, sister lah, anak angkat lah, adek angkat lah, abang angkat lah.. semua lah... and i know its a good thing to do.. Yes .. though tiring, or you think you're the only one yang doing it, well.. everybody does. Even the mose...ha.ha.. most lah famous people got to wake up early and do stuff... he.he...

Enjoy it. Coz' ani saja tu. Why ngusut.. ada tu... Just imagine if you don't have anything to do.. That be boring. Coz' .. eh banyak jua coz' nya ani, em.. coz' kalau you do something early, fresh, smily face, something extraordinary will happen... and its surely something good. If you start with no good one, then take the positive side of it, you can do to adjust it, the no good part to be the good thing... seriously...

And when you want to do something, do it. Don't say too much of negative effects before you even start. Start dulu, kemudian think of that. If you don't do it, then you will regret it. But if you do it, you have so many to talk about it, and your brain will work unimaginably great. em.. that be the super extraordinary that you didn't not realize you have. So that's it.

Fresh, expect the unexpected, and if no one likes you, just think of it as they don't have anything what you have... you are the best. I like that... it will make you feel better than to think of what they think of you... kan.. Need to be strong, do your own thing, something creative, and stay clean all the time. Though, kadang ada terpercik mud atu, but i am sure you manage tu eh to wash it off..


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