Monday, October 20, 2008


i GO <> WHATEVER IT TAKES... I am very happy. Now... sad.. mixture of everything.. very happy again.. sad.. well.. not really the ryte word sad, just a bit em..emm.. dono how to describe eh.. em.. well just use sad saja.. because i got to restrict my outing for WHATEVER IT TAKES.. but outing ada for a reason only.. and to release tension.. but yes .. you woun't know what i meant. I wish you know and see..

I am so fired up with my DESIRE.. and WHATEVER IT TAKES.. you know, in my car.. the mirror i have i stick a piece of paper there with WHATEVER IT TAKES..... everytime sat in my car, i looked up.... it fired me up.. and hot.. yes bery bery hot!!! again whatever it takes..

When i asked people.. about someting have another opportunity in life to make a great life, people would say.. lah you can do lah zura, but me.. too busy.. Okay plang. But when you see what i have seen, well busy atu very ada but nada.. like my dream of being FREE > BUSY ... au seriously. What if you can do it? What if you have the freedom? What if you just have a look at the opportunity and click to it and you achieve your DREAM.. (that if you have a DREAM jua).. WHAT IF?? WHAT IF?? WHAT IF?? WHAT IF??

i gave all my time because i am busy.. so if i am busy i must give all my time.. if i don't have money.. i still invest on something that i see in the future would give me the freedom of my life.. my family.. that is IMPORTANT to me.. Invest for my life is worth living. All began with WHAT IF??

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