Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Are you fine today? Are you Okay today? Me? I am Okay. But ... Yes there's a but. Never mind. I know who i am.. I am with my BIG DREAM. haha.. That laughter.. remember? How do you hear my laughter? Is it deep or light? Is the tonation ryte or not? or what?? I can hear it and i know, but you can only read it from here but not sure exactly how it sound kan?? Well... its the same in our life.

MInd boggling tu olehnya if you know what i mean. Hehe.. so did you hear it again?? YOu did.. tell me this time.. how and what? Didn't get it? Its okay.. Check it out. How.. ? em.. nanti tah. Anyway, days pass by so quickly ani bah.. everyday is always a new day. Everyday is always there with its new package. New challange to go through. If you read a lot of books, your life is worthy when you end your day.. and start again tomorrow..

How you want your life to be? Its all in your hand. How to go about? The maps all with you.. Drag yourself if you feel like so down.. down... to somewhere in the lightest street.. em you concentrate with you map..

Gosh!! I miss you!!

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