Monday, October 6, 2008


The moment i walk pass tiga orang sitting in the Coffee Bean ani, one of the guy mentioning some guy name and wonder where he is now.. and one of the guy say.. wah he's a BIG SHOT now ah... he.he.. i smile. I said i must write about this now.. the BIG SHOT.. nyaman bunyi nya eh..

Imangine your name and he said BIG SHOT... wow!!! perasaan eh. Au baik jua beperasaan daripada inda berperasan.. ha.ha.ha.. Terimagine me that one day i be the BIG SHOT too... Em give me 2 years.. insyallah.

Something i would like to share. I am now listening to DYNAMIC LIVING SERIES BY SKIP ROSS and i tell you a good CD. A lot about life. "if you want to survive, you better change.." check that out. Living is one thing, SURVIVING is another thing. You need both you know.. not only living. Meaning to me, no matter what situation you're in, you must be able to live and survive... and never give up.

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