Tuesday, October 7, 2008


To be ELC.. what is that? Well ELC lah. My next goal... I am listening to tapes like sampai 10 or more kali plus cds. Crazy kan. Kan tidor inda mau tidor.. listening to cds and tapes. Just need to understand a bit what i am into and be prepared. If you don't have the cds and tapes you woun't go anywhere. The moment, just a few minutes bah... negative tia. Giler jua tu. Banar jua tu kan.. When you listen to the tapes and cds..well like terubat and you learn a lot from successful people. I am sick of hearing people yang too negative about everything. I don't know why it have to be negative... in general tu ah. But then buleh buat pun.. that i don't understand.

Anyway.. when you don't listen to the tapes or cds or read books, you don't know what i meant. Like my food for my brain. Kalau inda percaya try and listen to one of the cds or tapes. Jangan ignore it because you might find something that will trigger your perasaan and make you think. Serious... Amazing. You would not imagine what i do everyday...

Do you know why i do this?? I told my mother and brothers and sis-inlaw about my goal. I want to have the FREEDOM IN MY LIFE. You must be wondering what FREEDOM?? Let me ask you.. HOW DO YOU MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE? That's what i want. By listening to tapes and cds and by reading good books Insyallah...

Haha... you still inda paham kan.. its okay. I been there and feel the same but i want to be different and to be different i have to do things differently.... such as i want to have a FREEDOM WITH EXTRAORDINARY LIFE..... even if it takes me all my life.. What's good living if you are not SUCCESSFUL??

Just remember and see our parents. Work sampai puluhan tahun, and at the end they are successful.. well.. sort of. But no passive income. Its okay if you want to be successful that way. But i want to be different. I want to have that PASSIVE income and the opportunity just there.. all you have to do DO IT!! Work yeah.. you got to work for it to be successful.. there's no such thing as successful with no work unless you are born RICH. Unlike me.. not born RICH and i don't mind working to be RICH in everything. he.he.. serious toh..

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Anonymous said...

Listen/read to Robert Kiyosaki's if you havent yet. Good stuff!