Thursday, July 3, 2008


Is there any songs for that?? Angin (air) and urat (muscle) collides? Well.. trouble on the way for sure. Body be mad.. Mind be sad.. miserable.. misery.. just when it blends together... huhu.. Sakit tu jawapan nya. Bukan inda sakit.

Beurut yester just after my shift petang (early evening), and gosh it hurts!! She said, scream mam if you want to.. i know its painful.. but for what i whisper to myself.. for what. Took a deep breathe and slowly exhaling my air out with those pain. Huhu.. that's it for the next two hours..

Done!!! when loves and hates collides, you figure out the answer. When angin and urat collides, well you got to take actions!! The story about me ...

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