Friday, July 16, 2010

Whose this?

I wonder. Been very busy filling my time with whatever i can to enjoy with my life. Been exercising. My fave spot at the moment is at the Stadium. I go to tasek too sometimes but been a while jua didn't go there. Kalau di stadium, lalu at the government offices, and lalu Istana then ke main road back to Stadium. I plan to park at the Stadium and jalan ke Gadong, or ke Bandar. haha... Yes plan to do that too sometime.

Em.. been watching tv with my son. Jokes is a must with him. He is my Bintang, he i my Heart, he is my Life and Soul, he is my Everything. I love him, and you know what, his hobby invent barang barang ani bah. Haha.. i remember he wanted to invent something for me. A baju but the proof from whatever kind of things. Haha.. too much cartoon jua my son ani, tapi you know, good to let him imagine and play with his mind, what he thinks atu would probably create something in the future. We never know. Like Angelina Jolie said, she would not let her children be someone they are not, she let them express themselves and she's happy with that. I like that. Not to restrict them too much, but of course ada disipline lah.

Anyway, my life been okay Alhamdulillah. Seen a lot and know too much ada jua. But kept it to myself because inda jua berbaloi to tell anyone about it. Haha.. something i would say no comment. I am always like that. If you want to go out with me, chit chat with me, i prefer to listen to somthing call ILMU. Something like KNOWLEDGE to learn more about life. Gossip? Well.. the light one its okay, i am human too. But not to deep of a gossip sampai too much hilang maruah orang atu. That is a NO NO in my chit chat list.

Em.. yesterday and last night got functions. Black for morning and White for evening. Lawa lawa eh.. baru ia. I like it. But to me ... plain pun okay lah. Very interesting for me siok cuci mata. Once in a while, why not. Beaibun jua siok lah. Tukar tukar tempat duduk, i think ada lima kali kali, baru ia. Atu banar kan sajok. Au sajok pulang akhir nya. Biar tia malu pindah pindah, tapi selesa at the end inda menyasal jua. Haha!!

One movie untuk couple you must see.. Siok berabis and cali. On the way dalam flight balik Brunei hari atu on Friday, i laugh all the way with my desert at the end Ice Cream from Kingston serve inflight Singapore Airline. I miss the long trip to USA with 380 in the executive economy. Au bukan nya free tu belayar atu, i paid B$3K for return trip to Los Angeles. Au bukan ia free, tapi puas hati lah travelling. Terasa bila bayar sendiri. Haha balik inda payah buat report tapi cerita pasal di sana. Alangkah boleh travel $$ handy all the time and with shopping $$. Haha.. sebenarnya ada jua cara nya tu. Psst...

Wish you all well today. Thank you for being my friend. And you be my friend forever till death do us part. Yeah.. i have no say after that.. hah. Take care. May we all dalam lindungan Allah.. Amin.

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