Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nya si adek nya. 'i hate her' - why i asked? Giling giling kepala nya ku tanya. I know deep in her heart from her baby black eyes, she loves her. So atu tah cerita purple top on Wednesday. I went to the gym kan, 60mins on trademill. Swim after that, bukan inda sajok air nya toh..

Ceritanya sambong lagi - ada one lady, with 4 kids at the pool. Indonesian yes.. i sat next to her. Cerita cerita lah. So she went off and i look after the children. Sekajap ja. Because she told them that she come back, she went to get food for them. So i offer to look after them lah since i am there jua. Inda jua ku sanggup pangling. You pun would feel the same kan..

Swim punya swim.. si kaka Mikayla and the others, Jason and Glen and sister Kathleen. Sweet dorang ani. I spoke in Bahasa standard Indon, and Glen tekejut. Loh .. tante bisa cakap... I said yes. So we communicate bi-lingual lah.. Fun.

Jason scream - jangan si..!! Then menoleh si kaka Mikayla, don't do it! kata nya. Tapi si sister Kathleen apa lagi throw the Purple top belonged to her Mikayla. Marah nya tu, coz top atu kan di pakai nya later. Nice Purple top, haha... so i just liat lah. Speechless meliat, wondering mula mula would she throw it or not? Au eh.. inda lagi pikir banyak, in the pool it goes. Haha.. I went for a few laps lagi after that.

Then mata nya merah - i ask 'what's wrong with you? Are you okay? Are you mad?' - au nya si Kathleen.. 'Why are you mad?' 'Do you love your sister?' - I hate her nya.. Wow!! I told her a short story, but i ask her how old is she, where and which school she go to, what she likes, does she always have lunch at school with her sisters, and banyak lagi lah. Until i see that sweet smile with a teary eyes, i smile. I told her she look really pretty when she smile.. She smile, malu malu. So i told her, about me. I said to her - i don't have sister. Like the real sister she have, when she's born Mikayla already there to hold her. And growing up with her sisters, she has someone to talk to, to share what she wants and to hate and love her. She was surprised when i told her that. Then she talk chit chat with me for a while, then she went into the pool joined them. Glen, Mikayla and Jason clap their hands as she enters the pool.. sweet together again. That's how it should be.

So what? She throw the baju? Its okay. They are playing. Let them enjoyed and play with their feelings, but makes sure you reunite them back and enjoy their day to be together.

Oh.. so sweet. I didn't want her to miss the fun playing in the pool with them. I am glad and so glad that i make her calm. And she smile. Before i leave the pool, they said to me - thank you tante. I smile and said welcome dearest.. enjoy your weekend. Glen, he's sweet. Polite too. All of them were.

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