Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sure this will be cute for you. I wanted to share about shopping addict. Today just i noticed that its hard to stop shopping. Usually you know that you're shopping addict. Ani you didn't realize that you, yes you shopping addict.

Nah.. i want to tell you something good. You should add this to your life. You should amalkan if you the shopping addict happen to want something tapi you already promised yourself that you would not shop until end of year or perhaps end of month.

One thing you can do, when you feel you MUST have that thing jua, its of course you know NAFSU kan, but you still want it, try to promise yourself to buy one item at one time.

Let say, you promise to only shop once a month barang personal, why not?. You tell yourself - i will get that one at the end of the month. Provided it has to be less than $30. But if it cost more but still less than $100 pun okay lah. Make sure one item saja.

Another way, just today yang i noticed, now not end of month yet kan. But you go out ke kadai, and you saw OOOOHHH... i want this, tapi your heart whisper to your ear APA PERLU?.. you're unsure.

I tell you what, untuk kepuasan try this. Say you wanted a cap or whatever ya, i used cap as an example. You have banyak already at home, but you keep on telling yourself this one is it. So what you do, take the cap atu with you. Look at the price and bawa jalan jalan. If you still di dalam kadai at liat liat barang barang, just to menyaman kan hati. Cuci mata with all the colorful things dalam kadai atu, nyaman rasa nya tu. Espeically your eyes, and your hati.. PUAS RASANYA... Dalam masa yang sama jua, you feel the cap. It belong to you.. Yes.. feel it. Its in your hand, you got it, feel it.

Jalan jalan until you're done sightseeing dalam kadai atu. When you're about to go counter cashier, then make that turn back to the aile, where you found the cap, and just put it back. Or just put it rah counter atu, tell them you have to think about it dulu ja. Hahah!!! Ketawa you??

Jangan you ketawa. You amalkan nie, inda percaya, you coba dulu. You'll not regret it. Tell yourself, okay, i got the feel of it sudah, and if i really really need it, i dream of it, termimpi-mimpi, then end of month you get it. But once you put it back on the rack, you walk out calm, go into your car, you will say.. wow!! maybe i don't need that cap afterall..

Wait! not yet! Let it a day, if you're not thinking about it, you save that $30. But if you're thinking about it, beli tia end of the month. Haha!

You just need to feel it sekajap saja tu. Nafsu memang like that. Apa jua category nya, its like that. Tempting kan? Oh well.. you should try one. You just got to feel the barang is yours for that moment, nyaman tah rasanya tu. Rasa nya like menuangkan air sajok rah hati yang panas.. hehe!!

And ... Welldone!! Psst.. inda nyasal tu mencoba.

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