Monday, July 5, 2010


Haha... to my gut! Yuk! You know that sharp poke, bukan lagi poke, like melaggor membayangkan the intention, and its puking me from my gut when i hear the stories of the past. But ... at least i know it before i mati pun.

Ah.. i knew my instinc was always right. Why is that? Does that happen to you? And someone use to tell me not to believe it, but at the end i knew it all. Kan melatup gut ku tarus, but then again, if not that, it wouldn't be lesson learned. Its good now, then akan datang. I am strong now, and Insyallah will be too in years to come until the end of my life.

Thank you Allah. Kesabaran menunjukkan everything. And Insyallah.. if ever happen to you, sabar saja, because kalau inda ani, later ada balasan nya. Pecaya tah tu.

Life is always a mystery, you make it simple and it be simple, you make complicated, it be forever complicated, you make it fun and adventurous, it be and whatever lah you want, you get it the way you want it. But remember, always with cautions. There will be advantages and disadvantages, so be wise.. Whichever suit your life.

Psst.. always have a good intention, good niat in whatever you do in life. With families and friends. At WORK with BOSS and friends. With everything lah. Otherwise it'll KILL you. Banar!

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