Monday, July 5, 2010


Quiet it was. Nobody i know. Smiling gestures from one corner. Yeah.. i smile back. Eye contact, just for security. I remember 'Good Morning! em.. ah its afternoon.' Then read newspaper and they request the other language. 'Oh, okay.. no wonder', kept silence all the way. I LOVE to talk, but i guess not the right people. They are okay, but guess languages saparates us that moment. But smiling..

I help put the tray up and secure safe, a friendly nod from one end. I get it.. its the language. It's like frog talk to cat. Haha!! Got it? So all the way bumpy, and i smile at the end jua. Voice announced to sit and fasten seat belts, tapi haha.. some wondering around. I wonder, did they understand what was announced or what? Haha.. that makes me smile. Simple when make complicated, it be complicated in every way, yet simple.

Oh especially few mins desending and landing, this one lady rose up from her seat, and to the toilet, and this girl said need to be seated, didn't peduli at all, and ignore, pretending not to hear but i think she understand, stubborn saja, then jump another girl told her to stop it and go back to her seat. Haha... and i just smile.. Do they know it would be dangerous if they are not seated when landing? Adoi..

People everywhere, wow at last out from home. For a short while its okay, and miss home jua. Nothing best dari home.. So anyway, met a friend on the way out. And out again, and back to room and out again. I noticed this time, stlyes nada so much shorts but mini skirts and dresses in. Sales everywhere. Wow!! My eyes smiles. Emm.. i don't need anything, i just want to smell new bau. So i did..

Bought new belt, on sale. Yes i need that one. Made in Spain and its on Sale for $19. I like that within the budget. And good one too. I like that. Ate Cheese Burger for dinner last nite, not healthy eh. Had brownies and one scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream when i reach the hotSpot .. yummy!! Watched KNIGHT AND DAY. Great movie. Funny. I like it. Interesting.

Been so long, not the tail. I find something new yesterday, i can't live without talking when you're sitting next to me. Haha! I hate that. Only thinking when i am not talking and someone knows that..

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