Monday, July 5, 2010

Ada story..

Today start my day with breakfast. Then bought barang yang perlu. Wanted to go swimming, but don't feel like it. Read magazine on DestinAsia. Wow!! nice. I picture myself there on all the pictures in the magazine ah.. Yes i did.. Wonder around but not interested to get anything at all. Mix feeling right now. When everybody works, you on holiday. Em.. Chat with somone from Scotland. Sat next to each other during breakfast, i just got to say hi. Me!

A very interesting one. She's from Scotland and her husband from Australia. She did mentioned this island, i will have to look it up later. Population about 3,000 only. I asked where she met her husband, when they are both on holiday, Thailand. Very interesting. She said never thought of visiting that part of the world. Mom wasn't very happy that she got to leave and live in Australia, but then again, its the same to others jua kali.

When you talk to people, people will talk to you too. So, don't worry when you're alone out there, there're always friends if you want them to be. Got to have those skills - DONT STOP SAYING HI to people next to you and start talking.

Lunch at SubWay. No soup. Only 6 inch tuna sandwich. Nice. No dressing, just tuna and other extra fillings like tomato, timun, onions etc. A sip of F&N orange sodas. Meeting mean Eating. You know why i say that out of the blue?

I am sitting now in the lobby, and people everywhere eat.. eat.. eat.. discussing business. Some laughing some serious talk. Some flirt some dun want to see faces. haha.. many bah.

I wanted to share something. - About this One advertisement last night. An old lady. Not just that, she seems to get mad with everything. Very bitchty old lady lah kali tu ah. She is really ill but loved dearly by her children. So you still want to know what's the story?

She's in coma. Her grandson looked at his father, touch grandma's forehead. Grandson looked and wonder why his father and mother still care and love this bitchy old lady. Mind you, he hated her. Why?

And he ask - dad, why do you still care for her when you know she has been bitchy and mean to you and mom? (that time i also wonder why this boy ask his father that question?)

Flash back (boy) - at dinner table with grandma and father and mother, he saw grandma never puas hati with hidangan.One day, during dinner, grandma ate one slice of chicken and choke. Spit it out and said, 'What!! you trying to kill me with this chicken?!' - and the mother took the whole plate of slice meats of chickens and throw it in the bin and stood by the sink, hurt in tears. The boy went into his room, stared at his grandma with anger bang the door. Father stood up and went outside. Grandma sat there.. took her bag and cried out wanting to stay with her sisters.. but the father pulled with love and care her hand and asked to stay.

Flash back (father when his son asked him WHY?) - when he (father) was young, he got fever. Raining heavy, no taxi stop in the rain when his mother (grandma) was carrying him. Wanted to go to hospital.. at the end she walked with him in her arms. (this bit menitik air mata ku sudah) Arrived hospital, no one cared. She said i need a doctor to look at him.. one of the nurse told her to wait. Wet in plastic covered mom and son, she start singing ... la.. and suddenly the boy opened his eyes, and recovering. - that was the flash back.

And while touching her forehead, he sang to her the same song his mother used to sang for him. Tears came out from his mothers eyes but still in coma.

Did you get the story? - The moral of the story here, that young generations needs to realized that mom and dad, families still have bond. Tight. And not to forget, now that you've grown up, and become somebody, you should always know who you are. Never not appreciate what mother and father have done and given to us. We owe them our lives as they did for us when we're little till now.

So the boy heard what his dad said and it answered to all his curiousity and questions.

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