Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am at this minute reading THE OPRAH MAGAZINE - August 2007 and want to share this with you who read my blog. So i always have this segment STRESS every Saturday when I'm schedule to work for that week. And i received a text, asking me this same question. And that question happen to be in Oprah's magazine for this month. so...... WHAT DO I DO NOW?

An old flame's tempting e-mail. A neighbor's shoplifting son. People who won't stop talking. Should you write back? Rat out? Speak out? And I'm interested in that one topic, and that would be "An old flame's tempting e-mail".

- An old boyfriend or old girlfriend contacts you out of the blue. You're married. Do you respond or delete the e-mail/voice mail at superhuman speed?

(Here are some from The Oprah magazine) :-

"if an old boyfriend/girlfriend making contact is like a gasoline spill, then responding to his call is striking the match. Any response to an old flame should be brief". - by Pastor Rudy Rasmus

"If he/she wants to rekindle an old relationship, whether you're happily or unhappily married, doesn't make you any less married. You should make that very clear". - by Michele Warholic Wetherald

"When deciding whether to answer, beware the danger zone of 'mental cheating'. In a recent survey, most people agreed that sending a sexually flirtatious e-mail to a coworker constitutes cheating". - by Rushworth M.Kidder

"i don't see why you shouldn't have a relationship with an incredibly compatible ex. So many of us partner up in our 30's and 40's, and at that point we have a substantial number of people in our lives... but plan any reunion meetings in public places". - anita L.Allen

P.S. I would like to post yours here too. So support menyuport lah kita ya. I be looking forward for more from you. I will also post one of mine when i get some from yours...yeha....

The reason why that interest me is because i always received callers and text msgs and i wonder what would you do if you were the one in that situation. ok. Just give some comments and i will post it here too ok. This would be interesting.

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No harm in long as u knw the limits.