Saturday, July 21, 2007

TAURUS - April 20 - May 20

Scorpio may have the reputation as the sexiest sign, but Taurus has the track record. A true child of Venus, Taurus is among the most affectionate and patient of lovers. But every sign has contradictions to overcome, and yours can be extreme - even scary at times.

Your ruling planet is linked not only to passions but also to possessions, and you sometimes treat your date as "love objects" to be acquired rather than equal partners... When you do develop a close, loving bond, you have to be even more careful about possessiveness and jealousy. You want a partner who freely chooses to stay with you, not one who's afraid you'll go bonkers if he or she decides to leave.

As long as you remain self-aware, you can be a wonderful permanent partner. For you, love only grows lovelier - and sex sexier - the longer you and your honey are together. You welcome commitment because it'll keep your beloved around for many more years of shared enjoyment and secure contentment.

Taurus' element is fixed earth. You take the creative energy of the previous sign, Aries, and give it tangible, enduring form, and doing this with your personal life is at least as important as career success. You want to build something for future generations, so establishing a permanent home and raising a family are important parts of your self-expression.

The most important thing you need to remember in love is to control that terrible Taurean temper. You're a peacemaker by nature, but when you bottle up stress, you can blow up and destroy in minutes a relationship that took years to build.

Ps. Oh well, that is for partner on the shoutbox. That is what it say about Taurean. Ok for now. Just let me know if anyone want to know other sign. :))

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