Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Like a time traveler from the distant future, you marvel at the dating customs of supposedly enlightened humanity, which make about as much sense to you as a romance novel would to Mr.Spock.

Aquarius can't understand why people say love is everything but indulge in meaningless relationships that bear no resemblance to the real thing, or why, when they do find their soul mates, they often mess things up by letting jealousy, insecurity or obsessiveness get in their way.

In your clear-cut, rational view of thins, love relationships are based on shared values and goals and fit into the big picture of global harmony. You see marriage as an equal partnership in which each person preserves as much individual freedom as possible. The only problem with your mature, reasonable outlook is that hardly anyone is that mature and reasonable all the time - not even you.

Despite your sincere belief int he brotherhood and sisterhood of all people, you can seem strangely detached when you're dealing with your significant other one-on-one. You're faithful lover in sense of honoring an exclusive relationship once you commit to it, but your greatest loyalty is always to your own ideals and creativity. In order to be happy, you need diverse friendships and occasional solitude as well as the love and friendship of your partner.

Although an Aquarian would never criticize anyone for an unconventional lifestyle, members of your sigh are too conscientious and responsible to have casual flings. Most of you date several potential partners before finding the love your your life and settling into a traditional marriage. As long as your mate acknowledges you as a free agent, you seldom have a reason to stray. Besides, being oriented toward the future, you probably want a child or two, and you believe youngsters deserve the loving presence of both parents in their daily lives.

Ps. i got this one from one of the astrology book. some other signs too. just let me know.

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