Monday, July 9, 2007


HBD - FAUZAN & ZURA 9.7.07

Hurray!!! Good morning and happy working. A great morning to start our day today. Working with Fauzan today and guess what nah? Fauzan bawa nasi goreng. One for me and one for himself. And not only that.. he also bring minuman tea and coffee and even give me a bottle of Sehat water.... your choice. I bring the desert and that would be chocolate. BOUNTY nama one of my favourite chocolate. And i know bukan senang to get it here. Susah, only few supermarket carry this BOUNTY... and you know where you can get it? Here i tell you.. pstttt.... come closer... closer.. i whisper to your ear ah.. di Hua Ho Bunut Mall. Au serious, you can get it there but not for free ah. Its $0.80 each. And its nice. Really nice. Ada Umphhh.....if you only you like coconut saja tu. Coconut lovers. And one more thing, if you buy chocolate, do check the expriration date. Kadang you know the shop ani mengambil kesempatan selling chocolate yang almost mansuh. So choose wisely ya. And if you buy can food, make sure inda picak memicak kutin nya. Not good tu.... beracun kali ah....

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Adyed Zoffed said...

Hi Zura, it's me DJ ED masa dulu who joined DJ Undangan last year 4th Jan 06. I still clearly remember everything n more over the segment was held with u along.. wow.. that was my best exprience ever n was the best one that started off 2006. Zura, is there anyway i can join Pelangi again? I sms Zack tapi he sed he is not handling that segment anymore. Or how i wish i can be a part time DJ at Pelangi. Tell u da truth pemalas wah I want to attend the audition. Hehe.. Zura support me to join Pelangi-ers.. hehe.. bah visit my blog at ""