Friday, July 6, 2007

how i see it

Suriati & Zura

I am having makan with my 'x' husband's wife. Talking about life in general. Very interesting what we have been through. I respect her, she's cool. We are both a very strong women, gone through a lot of dangerous life (as in a more mencabar life, then we expect it would be), banyak selekoh here and there, but we are driving and steering it steady still. This is how women think when you've been through life. You probably won't know until you're in our shoes. Sooner or later you will. And that's how you become stronger. DO KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND THINK EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASONS.. SO THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS AS FAILURE OR GIVING UP...

When we grew older, life is different. Becoming more challenging and interesting. It is all up to you. Hey.. we both like this classic oldies song the cafe is playing ryte now. So the story continue again... Oh beautiful song eh... the road is long... we may but I'm strong....lala.llla..... he ain't heavy his my brother..... wow... delay lah me writing a bit...
Somehow, life is beautiful.... just so beautiful.... you're probably lost by now. Yes i still want to say something... but i m enjoying to this track... he ain't heavy his my brother.... lala..aaaa.... I am sitting right here, looking back how my life, what i have been through. Nobody knows, but i can hear some people whom i don't know said they know me well. I just smile. But you know what, how come i don't know these people? Amazing... you can know someone just because you know his or her name. That's is amazing.
One thing about me, i love to smile. Don't get me wrong. Bonus tu.... My mom told me that i even smile when i was born. Baby Zura kali ah or Baby Niza. And rumours said my eyes was blue... ha.a.a. rupanya lama sudah ada cerita-cerita dongeng and all ani. So everyone came to visit mom at the hospital, and to their surprised my eyes still now brown color lah..... Darn... how on earth could someone spread the rumours baby zura have one set of blue eyes..ha.ha..ha... sedangkan they know my late daddy is a malay..... hello..... Ia tah, whatever you do now, you try to look back in 5 or 10 years to come, you find it really funny and wonder why you did that... true..true...
A bit about me. When i was younger... yeah younger, i never understand why men marries more than one. And i told myself that i want to have a one-woman man saja. But as i grew, then only i see why. I don't fully understand why, although i said i see why. I am sure as days, months, years goes by, i will probably learn and see more and maybe understand it in a good perspective. I once married and that was it for me for the time being. Must think puas-puas before i want to start again. It not an easy thing in life, but i will get there insyallah. My father passed away (bless his soul) in 2002. Leaving us and my other siblings in this world. Luckily we are all in good terms. My step-mom is wonderful. She is nice. We are closer than ever. My mother is the best darling mom i ever had. She is the sweetest and i have her sweetness for being patient in everything.
That is only a brief story about me. And going through that make me become who i am now. Sounds simple ya... but only God's knows. But I'm loving every moment. TO BE HAPPY, WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE. OUR LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT, AND OUR HAPPINESS IS WHAT WE MAKE IT. IF WE ARE NOT HAPPY, IT IS UP TO US TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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