Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful Morning - and it's Mommy's Birthday 15.07.07

Fandi Ahmad & Zura

Zura & Kadir

Abang Wasli on the right next to me (view from here ah)

Sis in-law Nurul, Luqman, Lydia, Lydia's Sis in-law

The Family Us...

Suriati & Zura

Aha.a..a. & Hi Ya....

Beautiful bright morning, and a so very perfect day for my mom. Semalam didnt sleep until what...2.30am. In bed, then lapar, went down makan spagetti i tapau from makan dinner. I ate it cold. Yes, baru tu. Woke up this morning, i went to the balcony di belakang, just so lawa ani bah. The wind quite cool, and its very sunny. I guess it guess it gets warmer later. Dari semalan dah bunyi siren polis and until now duduk di balcony this morning pun ada bunyi siren atu. Wow.. like dalam movie ah. Tapi ani yang real nya. I can hear burung bernyanyi-nyanyi here, dogs barking, and daun-daun menari-nari. Jap, give me a minute, i take picture of di belakang ani. Oh by the way, the picture taken when i was at the airport and guess who i met?.... he....h.e.. Thank you to Abang Wasli allowing me to take pictures of the Singapore Footballer. Fandi Ahmad... (i think kali namanya... as you know i m not a football fan.. but WHY NOT..) and Kadir.

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