Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Luqman is back in Brunei - yesterday mid-afternoon

Yes, my baby is back. Came back yesterday at 3.40pm from Singapore. I was so very happy to see him. But he doesn't look happy. He told me that he lost his camera. The one i just bought for his birthday. Well he was really upset. And his teacher told me that he was scared that i might be angry.

Ok now. Where did i do wrong that i make him feel like that? I dont want my baby to be scared of me. I want him to be comfortable to tell me direct that he had lost his camera. I am upset a bit because i bought it for his birthday present and we lost all the pictures he had taken in Singapore, but then again, its only a camera. We lost the camera but I still have him. That is more important for me. So i dont want him to worry so much because i want him to know that i was happy to see him back. That's it.

So on the way back, to distract him from thinking of his camera, i talk to him and ask him how was his trip, his visits in Singapore. And i start to funny-ly and joke with him. He start to gigles and when we reach home, we unpacked his clothes from his big bag. So i set aside things he wore in Singapore for laundry and etc..... I told him to take a shower and wear a clean baju. So that evening i took him to see a movie, oh yes... Transformers... I've seen it already, and i just love it. I know if i didnt take him yesterday, i might not have the time to take him other times. Knowing my work schedule is full for this week.

Again watching the Transformer for the 2nd time is worth it. I just love it. Cool... 9.9/10. Must watch movie for this month. I was so very tired, but i want him to be happy that day. Ending up being sleepy, but before i sleep, at least i know he enjoyed the movie so much, and i know he is happy. That makes me happy. I am happy and looking forward for a better day ahead of us.......

Today i woke up and he is late for school. Its ok lah, he couldnt find his songkok. On the way, my fren call me. The one who had another pictures of us at the beach, telling me that while editing the computer crash. So a bit upset again, but oh...welll....... if the pictures are gone meaning no pictures saja lah. Then again, everyday is a challanging day to go through, so lets just be happy. DON'T WORRRY BE HAPPY...... Have a great day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aiyoh..gua fikir lu bali camera balu untuk dia...hehe...