Friday, July 6, 2007

i wrote this on paper napkin

I was reading this magazine June Female Singapore Edition, Kelly Rowland on the cover and I thought it be interesting to share it with you who have no idea about car, but have car. Yes, unlike me, only recently i remember my car registration number. But i do know how to fix my wheel if it losses its air.... (pamchit bah..) he.e.e.e. I know someone who have a car, drive a car and dont know nothing about that car. Could it be you? Anyway i had this tips written on a piece of paper nampkin from that restaurant and were afraid i might buang it ke sampah. So thank God i write sudah. Enjoy it.

How Can You Tell If Your Car Is Breaking-Down:-

  1. Slow cranking or a weak start.
  2. Engine not running smoothly.
  3. A jerky transmission.
  4. Abnormal noise from the engine compartment, under carriage or suspension.
  5. Frequent need to top up radiator coolant/oil/fluid indicates leaking.
  6. Spongy breaks.
  7. Warning light illuminated (indicates that the problem need attention) p.s.. did we ever notice?.
  8. Uneven tyre wear - indicates wheel alignment or suspensions systems problems. (how many of us do alignment to our wheel and balancing when we send for servicing?).
  9. Petrol odour - indicates a possible leakage in the fuel system.

P.S. Correct me if i m wrong. What's your view; Love yourself first then love your car? How's that? and DRIVE SAFE DONT FORGOT TO BUKLE UP!!!! i want you to come back to read my blog again.....

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