Friday, July 13, 2007

Moments of My Times Today

It makes me feel good to visit my frens today at Pusat Ehsan. The road was wet and slippery, been raining heavily that noon, and on the way there i saw an accident and of course the policemen were already there taking care of it. Windy and raining heavy in afternoon.

My day today - woke up at 4.30am and off to work for the 6am shift to 10am. After work, went to Al-Islah and i have to say was the happiest day of my life that for the first time in my life doa selamat was read by my beloved brother. And that was amazing. Tears of joy from my heart and menitik jua air-mata olehnya. Wow.. just so amazing. You will not know how happy i felt tadi because you were not in my shoes. But i am glad, and really glad. We ate soto kuning, kueh teow, egg sandwich and minum coke and ice milo. That was pretty cool. Done with that have lunch di KFC Yayasan. Send satu picture to one of the manager kali the one we took during the Olympic Charity kemarin dulu. Just hope she get it now.

Then i went to Pusat Ehsan. Amazing with all the activities they're involved in. And if you looking for a book mark, go there coz they are selling it too. And for Hari Raya, they do make Hari Raya greeting cards. This year they are making 3,000 copies. And it's all hand made. How cool is that hah.... I bought a few cute little cards there too. Orchid lovers, go there. They are selling orchid too.

All made by Special People. And you be amazed with what they can do. I got to learn a sign language for saying SORRY. STARVING. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?. A..B...C...D...E.... I'M FULL.....Yes, seriously very interesting to learn. I would like to say thank you to Dk.Mariani for membawa me touring there. She is amazing, and all of them are.

Zura & Dk.Mariani

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