Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mom's Bday - 15.07.07

Mom took this pic for me. Today tu, the weather beautiful so much eh. I wanted to play tennis today, but ya lah no time. Manyak tido jua. So out to get fruity blended drink... he.e.e.

The wind was so cool tapi panas berabiz today. I been eating ok lah. Very intresting so far. Need to take some pictures soon. Be out and about sometime this week kali. Still sleepy. oh well.... oh... mom's birthday, just a small gathering.

My Mommy's Birthday 15.07.2007

he was playing IMAGINE


Anonymous said...

miz kan anty anna... :(

Anonymous said...

masih ku ingat masa jumpa anty anna masih anty rahimah mninggal n masa raya..i like her n i do i miss her so much..zura kimsalam arah ur mum ah..