Sunday, July 15, 2007

Los Angeles 14.07.07

That was a long flight. From Brunei to Singapore to Los Angeles. I'm here already. I miss not writing anything in my blog. Uh... I'm so addicted already. I will be posting the journey of my L.A trip soon. Probably a bit later. Need to go out and get some things. Arrived in L.A and went to dinner Marmalade Cafe.... i think.... I had 'CHICKEN PARMESAN', my son had 'SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS', mom & Bruce had 'VIETNAMESE BOUILLABAISSE'..... (some kind of soup), and Katherine had 'COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN'. I didn't finish my food and got to 'tapau'.....

At this moment, Katherine is interviewing people here in the house. So again, i am glad that I'm here already. The flight was ok. Yeah ok. Many many turbulence from Singapore to L.A. And today is 14.7.07 here. So tomorrow is my MOMMY's Bday. Yes... 15.07.07. Yes, that's why i am here to celebrate with her.

I be back soon. I will come back to post more soon. Well, i m not sleepy, so i will post some tonite. By the way, Thank you to Lydia for being there at the airport. I miss her already. Usually working every Thursday with her on HBD. Well, babe... enjoy your HBD with your new partner soon. Got to go now.


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