Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Knows?

I hate what I dream today. Why I hate? I just hate being lost. First, woke up in this room.. a suite. Beautiful room, but don’t know where and what I was doing there. One blink, I was in another place. I just don't know the purpose? I tried to call and even look for familiar faces, but no.. nope.. i was totally nowhere. That.. i don't like. I realized I lost my phone. Yes my HP. And the next thing, one blink again, i was telling those people i don't know that i lost my phone. And one guy pity me.. Hah! I was totally lost. I hate being lost especially in my dream, and don’t know what’s happening. Okay? So .. I hate my dream today.

Second story… I just have to leave when things get rough. Rough in arguing. When you just know it will not stop and by being there makes it worst. My remedy would be just to leave that place. No matter where you are. I did. I leave. I just have to get out from there or I will mentally be sick. Sick cum gila. Scarry eh.

Third story .. I never sit at the sofa just outside the ladies room. Not liking the germs our from that room. But today, I sat there. Sat there thinking. What? What should I do? Hot outside, crazy I must say. My nose numb I can’t smell anyting. I felt cold. So cold that my heart become cold. Drama? Drama when you’re hungry. Never.. never .. never.. I opened my book, and read this chapter introduction The Miracle of Think and Grow Rich. It said – There Are Miracles In Having A Major Purpose In Life where you alone can direct your thoughts, control your emotions and ordain your destiny. Well… yes.

I would prefer to avoid it rather than being mentally rape... hahha!! Mentally rape with those unpredictable situation and uncontrollable thinking whatever! Just remember, you can control your Emotions.. remember. Yes!

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