Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Listening to Good Music..

I must say i am relaxing now.. tuning in to Jazz LOVE Songs. I wish all the true love songs sung all for me.. haha! I love to laugh. Some would never see me laugh. I am funny too.. But some would never see me funny. I am water if you are water, i am air if you are air, i am fire if you are fire and i am stone when you are stone. Haha!! again ... Haha!!

I am relaxing i said kan, but some part of my brain is thinking. How can i say i am relaxing 101%? Never? Well... i used to be this and now become this. But why should i tell you that? Why should i even said that? I don't want to actually but i just wanted to write it so i don't have to keep it to myself alone ... inner me, if you know what i mean. Since you're reading this, then only you know. So keep it to yourself too.

The lists of the LOVE SONGS i am listening.. Psst.. when i listened to these songs, wishing there's a romantic person as the songs sound ... Do you know what i mean? Well if you don't, don't complicate yourself in thinking. Haha!! again...

That means songs says it all.. that is how i express myself when i listened to a very beautiful songs... its like a fairytale story. I know probably you giling giling kali by now, but if you understand.. mean you totally understand me. Haha!! again...

OH the songs .. yes

At Last - Malene Mortensen
Close To You - Carol Duboc
Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Tipitina
Let It Be Me - Inger Marie Gundersen
In My Life - Veronica Mortensen
Can't Buy Love - Katrine Madsen
Misty - Donna Tucker
Crazy - Chaka Khan
The Look Of Love - Monique Klemann
Let's Fall In Love - Svante Thuresson & Kat Madsen
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Inger Marie Gundersen
There Will Never Be Another You - Richard Boone
All The Way - Marie Bergman
It Had To Be You - Romeyn Adams Nesbitt
Always On My Mind - Inger Marie Gundersen (now playing) sooothing...
How Deep Is Your Love - Jacqui Naylor

Jazz Love Songs it is. Lovely... I felt my heart is as fragile as these songs.. Just me as a person is so fragile, but hey ... I am me. You're you. So you express your way and i express my way... K.

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