Monday, December 20, 2010


Produced 1998 by Warner Music Malaysia. Guess why i said that? Now, today 20th. December 2010 i bought this cd. One of my aunty kirim when i was in Singapore but of course nada di sana. So i wonder lagu tahun bila? Siap di kasi title lagu lagi. But only today, its been there in the rack of this one shop, waited for that long for my Aunty. Dia lah yang punya. Hak milik nya sekarang but still with me. This is a memory for me.

The story goes like this - I go to this one kedai cd. Asked for the IKLIM cd. She said this is all she got. Okay.. with serious look face lagi tu just to look for one title in that cd. Dissapointed didn't find that title. So i asked again, are you sure that all you have ... like belabih jua i ani. I asked again, em.. may be in one of the compilation cd perhaps? Well ... demanding you know i masa atu. Expecting her to know one of that title in one of the thousands cds dalam kedai cd atu.. Haha..

Inda jua putus asa. Still standing, those girls looked at me and senyum senyum kambing diorang ani bah.. like season jua sudah lagu atu kali nya and what the heck do i want that cd? You know lah.. young girls yang menjaga ani (boh me ah.. cari pasal tu eh. Hahah!) . So i looked at other cds. Just to get lucky hoping to find may be... just may be ... may be.. aith.. just may be... yes that's what i thought lah, but to my surprised, this rack di bawah all the cds got one IKLIM tape. I picked it up and agai looked for that song and YES!!!!!!! ada. But tape?

I told that lady i wanted this song. So i asked again, do you have the cd for this? Majal jua tu.. bangang jua bini bini ani kata nya. You know i was still standing where i was for the past hour. I stood there, and just holding to that tape till the end. I said.. how ah? I want this cd and of course giling giling said the same thing, we don't have that cd.

Okay... i still have the tape in my hand you know, and told her to test a few cds yang lain. I bought Jamal Abdillah's colllection jua. I bought some of the Slow Rock and whatever Rock Kapak etc, of course yang original ya... yes so true. And when she saw me beli atu, then she called her husband in one of their stores. And got one left. OMG!!!! Yes!!! Kan melumpat ganya inda but i managed to stay calm but yes glowing. Hahah!!!!

And i told her to book it for me. Yes definetely i got it. And one saja yang tinggal. The husband told me that di Malaysia pun ask him to send that cd because dorang pun inda tedapat anymore that cd. Imagine? That cd been with him since 1998? Amazing and the price is still the same. Its been RM$44.90 in 1998 and it is still now 2010. When you really want it, well... that doesn't matter. Its worth it.

I told my aunty about it. She said how did you get the cd? I told her the story and she was so surprised. This is what she said to me .. Masya-Allah. Thank you for cari ing and dapat ting for me. - I smile and feel so good that i didn't give up. I could just easily give up when that lady said that they don't want have it. I don't know why i wanted to looked for it so bad, but i know that one song in that cd meant a lot to her (my aunty) and i felt its a must for me to get that for her. Where i know places where they sell this type of cds.

I told her that cd was there since 1998 and waited for Umi to rescue. I told her 1998 and she replied "WOW!" ... i smile.

and this is where i stop. I feel so good. I got the IKLIM cd that have the song PERGIMU SATU TANDA. And i make her happy. Not much, but i know she be smiling later when she sleep. I told her i pass the cd to her tomorrow. So .. that's a wrap for me.

Nite nite.

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