Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good NIte.

You must know that there are no answers to your questions. Not all.. Just when you really wanted to know why? What? Wish there are ways to know, but that's not how it works. Writing is my only friend. Where i can say how i feel, i can share how i feel and what i want to let at ease.

It be better to be clear than to make confused and complicated. WEll.. again. When was the last time you got the answers to all your questions? Haha!! I am very sleepy. Today is today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. You can plan but it don't always work but at least you will be equip with plans if it doesn't go through.

What if it horribly went wrong? Well sooner or later it will spill, so what the heck! No fun with no pain and no game. I am so sleepy. This is what happen when you're sleepy and wanting to write. I could write more but its the same as saying and telling someone not to drink and drive. Hahah... so not to be so sleepy and writing. Haha!!!!

I m in a romance mood. But being alone... where is my romance mood going to end? I am heating up here and just don't know what to do. Hahah!!! Imagine it. Good nite!

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