Wednesday, December 22, 2010


coming this New Year 2011.. A project. One project not to be miss. That would be 1st January 2011. Truth dare you... Oh so looking forward. Bad Good that's what i got. Its all in.. Fun horrible yes.. that too. Everything whatever ... yes in too. Haha!!!

I am listening to this song now.. Jay Branan 'Beautifully', makes me smile. Just felt like he is singing it for me.. Oh so perasaan. But okay what to be perasaan rather than no perasaan at all. Agree? NOt? Agree lah. Listen to it. Only for girls saja to listen..

365 days.. Only on the 'D' day i will know. I hope i go through the 365 days without any problem, i don't mind struggle to keep it all the way, that's what's its for. Haha.. i am thinking, should it, would it have what i have in my mind with no censor at all.. not that x rated or whatsoever but the truth of 365..

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