Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its not about the money..

Membayar $20 for set of Ambuyat is not a problem. I know and you know most fofular set is $16 kan. And no problem to pay but what if the set you're paying not worth even $10? Dissapointed ku tarus. I have to say, i am one of the food lover on this earth. Eatable.. yang boleh di makan. And well.. that $20 for the set i pay not worth it at all.

I asked rah that guy yang keraja sana, siapa punya restoran? Then he told me and i ask for her number. So i got her number. I wanted to call. Tapi dalam keadaan dissapointed atu i didn't call. I don't want to be emotional to tell her how i felt about the ambuyat. May be that's her taste and cara nya membuat ambuyat. My friend said ada that owner inside the kitchen. I don't know really how to tell her. I am one of the customer jua so i think i have rights to tell her how the food are and services jua , especially ambuyat the fave of all people in Brunei ani jua, taste like and presentation of food necessary jua when you already put the price $20.

Psst... not only me yang dissapointed. Yang membayar lainnya, inda happy. Marong and masam jaling jaling jua. I asked kenapa? Kata diorang sudah tah service lambat, sajok lagi makanan, and INDA NYAMAN. I tell you, words spreads faster than you can imagine. Sebab atu tah, kalau ada berita yang entah apa apa, cepat orang kitani menerima and mengantar tanpa tau banar kah inda. But this, banar banar inda nyaman. Kata my friend nya, nyaman lagi kau buat. Ops.. i am not the greatest cook, but boleh jua nyaman jua. Kanyang jua. And bebaloi jua. Adoi..

I don't know. What do you think? She can take it as a positive critic and make it better or she can just look however she wanted to do and people only go there once. That's it. But i hope, yang membuat ambuyat atu just buat ambuyat the way orang atu suka and not thinking yang lain suka like what. Kan?

I went to AA today lunch, and paid $19 saja for 1 set of ambuyat and 1 kasturi and 1 longan. And nyaman berabiz. Fullfilling. Atu baru ia. Walaup pun you put berapa, puas makan puas rasanya and pretty presentation nya.. wala!

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