Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I got to say i am addicted ..... Okay addicted to what? Haha!!! That be another different story if i am addicted to ...... hehe. I love to make you think to what i am addicted to what?. But got to tell you i am also.. see i used also here.. also addicted to COFFEE!!!!

Not just sebarang coffee, but Ice Blended Mocha at CB. I can only drink this type of coffee or otherwise ... I FAINT! Serious. I am serious. ( i remember when i was in Dallas, during my high school years, mom gave me the hazel flavor coffee. Oh i love the smell of it. Wangi the whole house with coffe beans. Just so YUMMY!! but when i drank one mug, ooooooooh got to say, i was paralysed, almost pengsan .. yes did not move and only my eye blink. Hahah.. if i remember that, i laugh. I find it funny now but not then. Hahah.. And if you ask me, i don't know why?)

Yes that was a bit of my story once upon a time ago, and i started to sip one or two Ice Blended Coffee at CB when i come back to Brunei. And hey i can without fainting effect. Haha.. But i took it when my perut kosong, i am done. Pengsan tah jua cerita nya. Haha!

Yes.. everything starts in Brunei. Ambuyat pun i remember first time when i got back from UK. Kata my ngangah ... bari malu orang Melayu inda pandai makan ambuyat. Wow!! Challange .. satu cabaran yang harus di lalui tu for me .. so i remember in Bunut, sat with everybody berurak bah di lantai, tasting my first ambuyat, can you imagine tejuluak jeluak but talan eh, now its one of my FAVE dish. Pandai menumpahi lagi.. hahaha...

So about coffee, it hype me up. I need one everyday. How come? Entah.. it gives me energy. I like it. That's how come. Hahah. Hello.. hello.. i drank jua green tea. I drink 4 to 5 cups everyday and without sugar. What hype you up? heheh.. you know and i don't know. Its okay as long as you're hype and happy with that feeling ah..

Today, i want to share this with you. I must say that guy was kind. Very kind because he lend us his umbrella. He i don't know who, but yet lend me his umbrella. A person just passed by, holding on to his umbrella, and i just said that time siapa ada payong ah? And guess what? Yes.. you guess it right.

One hand handing me out one umbrella. Wow!! Yup Mama and the rest was surprised too.. but then i asked him, is it okay to borrow for a while, and he said.. yes with a smile. Sweet.

You don't see so many people do that. Yes .. he got off from the rain, and got tempat yang teduh, and dengan menghulurkan tangan nya with that umbrella .. kind. I have to say he have a kind heart. Like others, who would care. Wish there are more people like that too.. haha. Superb. Bless him. That is one good thing you could do today without you realizing it. Its automatic. When you have a kind heart, its always forever kind. Alhamdulillah.

You can also smile. You can donate. But make sure you donate to the right people and for good cause. And you could pick up somone in the rain and ask where they want to go and send them or banyak lagi. But when i said pick up, it all depends. Don't pick up selarah larah nya, make sure your instinc is right and its safe, then its okay. But otherwise you don't have to do that but instead, give them umbrella and let them use your umbrella. Besar pahala. Yang baik atu always di balas dengan yang lebih baik. When.. only God knows and never doubt it.

Mmmm... if i said something tadi jua? Woooww.. i couldn't imagine eh. But you know, i am sure you also got that moment, where you say something it happened. Not always but always when you're not expecting it. True? Yes.. good. So be very careful when and what you or me wanted to do and sayl. I remind you and me too lah. It could be doa yang terus di makbulkan or it could be just a word that you say with nothing happen. But again, rugi if it were to be doa yang di kabul kan terus... OH.. i let you think lah.

Any way.. just wanted to share what happen today. Something good. Hope you do something good too. Take care. I am still working .. and i finish at 6pm.

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