Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i am having Fettuccine with Chilli Tuna and Mushroom Soup for lunch today.Slices of muschrooms added to give the texture. YOu could chopp it if you want to.Caramel pudding for dessert which i prepared last night.

Having a good lunch is like having a good sex. This is something.. a good life is an enemy for a great life. So a good sex is the enemy of a great sex! It was once at the dinner table i heard a lady on that table said, he can have his appetite outside but he eat at home. Haha... her husband was the type who like to chat with woman around him and he is funny too. He flirt infront of her (at least he did it infront of her or perhaps he is who he is) and she doesn't mind really. And when asked, how managed all that? How come you are okay with that? She said that its okay. Men are like that. He can have his appetite outside but eat at home. Wow!! Maybe we woman should do that. But what if its too late??? haha..

You got to be strong to face the reality. that's it. But again why bother with people who treat you like that? You and i don't deserve that. Get busy and do what you love to do and have PEACE in your life. Its okay if there's no fun or love, but PEACE that is something to think about. PEACE AND LOVE it don't work like that. Its either LOVE with dramas etc etc or PEACE. No matter how we wish to have both but again it don't work like that. If LOVE AND PEACE ada, well.. it be Heaven on Earth for me.

You see.. i was only talking about lunch tadi, now to love and peace? Haha.. WEll... eat your lunch.

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