Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Talking about loneliness, a friend told me - Don't look love in others, look love in yourself. Within you ... - Yes true. Loneliness could happen in whatever way, feeling lonely that is something. But what cause it? Well... maybe you're looking for love from others.

To kill the loneliness? Well.. love yourself. Think of what you love to do. You're not born lonely, just because of that you said you're lonely. I am actually talking to myself now. But if you feel the same, you feel what i felt, its okay. Mean there are two of us or probably more. What i know, when you're lonely, the world shut down on you. Well... not actually, for the meantime only that's how i feel. Looking for that light to appear but noway. YOu got to go and look for it which means you got to go through what you're into then at the end of the day you will find it.

Ahhh... make yourself busy. Like do something what you love to do before. Oh ... nevermind. I wanted to say something but i forgot. How's that?

A friend told me - Through these experience i have in my life, i will have transformation that i would or could not imagine. But the transformation wouldn't happen if i don't go through this. So that i yet to see. To go with the flow.. not recommended. Do what your hearts says. Not where the flow takes you. It's going to be hard, but its not the end of the world. - Which is true. It's not the end of the world. Think about it ... As i said if you feel the way i felt, then this is probably for you. IT is NOt The End OF The World. The worst thing could happen probably ............ But it's NOT the End Of The World.

Okay, now i am inside a thunderstorm, i wanted to see the rain. But still couldn't because i got to go through this and i don't know how long how far it is for me to see the rain. I know when threre's rain, at the end of it there will be the rainbow and the sun will shine.. That's it. But since i am here still in the thunderstorm, i could not see clear where is the rain.

Do you know why i said i wanted to see the rain? Well its better then in the thunderstorm. So i take it step by step. I should.. because i just want to see the sun and no more. Haha.. i don't even know if you follow what i meant. But hey.. again don't complicate yourself in thinking what i have to say and meant. If you like reading that's good for you.


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