Friday, April 1, 2011


Yes so true. You don't say everyday is the same to you. Its always a brand new day for you and me. You notice?

Last night, i did my laundry. Facing new challanges. Taim i hang the baju-baju, ada seekor lipan melintas. Big! Quite dark you know but i still saw it going towards the grass. I think that lipan main-main belakang rumah and never ia terfikir that i be at the back atu to do my laundry. Trying to look for it to escape jua. I am bigger than it but it got the sting that i would probably got into trouble jua if i terpijak. Haha.. Pebaik tia jua basar badan than the lipan, but sting lebih padas kali jua. So me big, it sting bad. Sama lah.

Cabaran tu. And my our cat TOM came, sat and memerhati. I know probably cat can see in the dark than i do. Or even the tiniest thing.. i am sure. TOM was there to protect me from all kinds of insects too or perhaps snake and rats from the 'hutan' or so called 'mini zoo' just behind our house. Haha.. 'Mini Zoo' because i can dapat liat monkeys and families awal pagi and petang bermain-main. Interesting ah..

So anyway, did my laundry. Juga cabaran, when you have children. When they are small, cabaran yang satu. When they grow up pun another cabaran. Interesting. Its just different everyday. You menghadapi new things, learn many many things, wow.. kalau inda ada, life's probably DEAD BORING. I told my son that when you don't take risk, life would be boring. Hahah.. that i remind myself too.

Living how many year, you also don't know and i too. When its going to end. Never know. If we know, kapar-kapar kali. Serious.

Did my walk, jog yesterday at Stadium. Stadium at 4.30pm and i make sure finish at 5.30pm to pick up my son. Did that, and malam laundry. And watch tv for a short while after shower, and sleep.

Work at 6am-10am. Off to Qlap to buy goods. Send to cousin's office, chat a bit the updates about her life.. heheh, then off pick up my son from Ugama School, back home, cook, and then send him back to SOAS, then straight home again and cook for husband.

Off to meet one friend from KB at Giant to pass supplements he asked for. Then went straight home, and rest. haha.. Rest, and sleep for an hour half. One friend drop by for the survey on perbelanjaan, i think that was about almost 4pm. Then got ready for my walk, jogg. Yes .. met intersting people at the Stadium. Got jua people pakai perfume berabiz kan jogging ani. haha.. Oh well!

Interesting day yesterday. Many more, but this is what i can jot down from now. You take care. How was your day yesterday? Today? How? Looking forward for new challanges too?

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