Friday, April 29, 2011


This was a joke a very dear friend shared. I laugh after. Just see how you take this one. If you laugh, its a good sign. But if you don't feel anything, well.. you need to see doctor and ask why you didn't laugh to this joke i am about to tell you. But one thing though, you have to share with the doctor with this joke. Okay. If you wanted to smile after, just smile. Its okay. Better .. much better than no feeling at all. Still need to take dosage of fun to smile. I agree.. yes i also agree to what you meant. 


ceritanya like this...

This man always visits his late wife punya kubur. Siramnya air on her kubur. Tahlil and doa. Tuan Imam pun bangga with this man. Proud that ever since his wife passed away, he visited and baca tahlil and doa for his wife and inda beranti menyiram her kubur. Almost everyday during that year.

To the point, where the Tuan Iman approached him. And Tuan Imam told him that he is so proud of him that he came here everyday. And that's what a man should do. 

Apa lagi.. he said what nah? 

'Tuan Imam, i come here everyday to siram and see the grass to grow lah. But it never grow. I have waited too long, i siram with water banyak kali already, but alum jua tumbuh rumput ani.'  Tuan Imam tanya 'why?'.. and said 'tumbuh tu karang.'

Inda sabar lah kan menunggu and melihat rumput tumbuh. Rupanya ada cerita. 

................... flashback ........... (psst . i actually wrote this two paragraph awal lagi, then i realized if i were to share this earlier, nada tia suspennya.. Hahah!!) hush! .. ..

This man punya wife yang really ill. Really ill that she knows inda lama lagi she die lah. So her husband was on her side all the time. I know he loves his wife lah. Because he is by her side all the time. 

One day, before she died, she told her husband - 'love, just remember this, if you want to remarry again, biar tia tumbuh rumput (let the grass) tumbuh di atas tanah kubur ku. 

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