Friday, April 8, 2011

Ponder ..

Driving yesterday ... thinking about life. The road, the path we all have. Each one has own way and how we go through it, it is up to us to handle it. Lots of it here. My thought, i know people before us went throught it too.. At the end it become history, theirs and they die alone. Alone. Just you and God now.

I don't know. I sort of see it already. The drama we have in life, is full of fun, pain, games and many more. How you describe it, that's it. Yes.. You may be go through this and that, i go through this and that too. So, how strong and how capable we are, it is all up to us. We could do anything in the world if we want, but again how we think and how we see and do things makes into consideration too.

I feel i can accept however bitter life has to offer. There is to life that i have to face, because i know its all from Allah. I know Allah gave each one of us different test in life to go through to see how strong we are mentally in sorting out this adventure and to use our brain to live life to the fullest.

Faith. Our Faith. That will lead us to where we want to too. Allah gave us this sweet life, bitter life for us to be a better person, to stand on our own feet, to appreciate life when we think life is no good for us, and that a question from us that says IS THIS REALLY FOR ME, WHY ME AND NOT OTHERS? Allah loves you.

Glad i heard ceramah the other day, someone ask why not just we all got to heaven? Why? Well the test in life for us to choose the path we wanted to live in the later life, the permenent life, that's why Heaven and Hell was created there for us. Its not easy. It sounds easy, but not.

Death? I don't know how i will leave this life. You? Also you don't know. If we only knew.. I can't imagine?????? I pray that i leave life in peace, dalam iman, and pray and doa, that i leave in good way the way i come to this world. How about you? Nobody want to leave in a tragic and horrific way. But again its all written. MasyaAllah..

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