Sunday, April 10, 2011


About hamsters. When 'baby hamsters' born, you have to jaga well. The mother will be very protective. And if the father is in its hamsters' house, it bit if you try to touch the baby. So be very careful. What you can do, separate the father from the mother and its babies. Just leave the mother to care for its babies. And do not, DO NOT touch the babies. Otherwise you woun't see it anymore. Try to cover its house, make it dark and just feed everyday. Water important and hamster's food for the mother. Don't peep so many times, let the mother take care of its infant. Don't clean its house, and i know its going to be smelly. But this is for the better for the growth of the babies hamster. I know its going to be smelly, but hey to save all the babies, why not? So, first day, tiny. Very tiny. One week, still tiny very tiny but litte hairy. Two weeks, still tiny, very tiny but looks better. The fourth week, still growing. Just some tips for you. Let the mother look after its babies naturally. No touching. No peeping. Give food and water. You will have a very healthy babies hamster. Okay. Just ask. I let you know what i remember. I had too many, that i just have to give away to friends children for a better home. I am not an expert, but i did once have hamsters with many generations of its gernerations. Haha..

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