Friday, April 29, 2011


Happy 1st anniversary. 

Just not the same as what i've pictured. Totally a different experience. Not what i have in mind. Just simply a normal day. Haha ... I think i watched too many movies. Too many romantic movies. And oh wish i was in the movie. Hahah... That make me smile. Deep smile. 

Today is history for the newly wed Royal - Kate and William. Amazing. After a long super wonderful relationship (ups and downs), at the end they walk down the aisle with love. Unconditionaly love. And it just have to be on the very date of today 29.04.2011. 

I remembered the similarity to this one last year. The same date but different year.  Just 29.04.2010. And yes its a super wonderful relationship too. 

Just on this 1st anniversary, a pretty normal and simple one. No celebration. Just another normal day. But i thank to Allah i am given this chance to see what this life have to offer. Its amazing how i felt today.

I wonder how was your anniversary? Or perhaps i should ask, what's your plan for anniversary this year? You got one? Pebaik tia just being together as a couple or a wedding anniversary? 

Hope you cherish every moment of it too because you will have an experience of your life time that you will not see it again. And there are always reasons why it happen and its written just for you. Did you know?

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