Saturday, April 2, 2011


An eerie story about this picture. This is one and only picture i have of this little kitten outside thee porch of our house. I haven't even confirm its name yet. I was looking for the word 'camouflage' mean 'penyamaran; samaran'. Reason why, the color this kitten have just go with the earth color. Beautiful kitten. I was looking for that word 'camouflage' for its name. But unfortunately, not even word could express what happen to it before i confirm its name. Yes.. do you want to know what happen? Look at the kitten. Sweet isn't it? I like it. But when it first came to our house, it look very thin. Very very thin. Well a stray cat in peachy gold color bulu was outside our house. All the time there waiting to be fed. At the end, my husband bought a cat food. Yes.. sweet. So it got fed. Everyday. Funny when 'TOM' its name, oh its a male, eat good meal, it caught a mouse and place it infront of our door. I thank it and said to it TOM, welldone! TOM did a good job. About TOM at home, it was okay. Then came this little kitten. I heard a sound .. screeching meowing .. yes i did, but thought it was in the MINI ZOO. Hahah.. another story about that MINI ZOO. When i have time, i will tell.. But for now about this little kitten. Yes a sound. A screeching meowing when i did my laundry. But didn't care much. The next day the same thing, but didn't see this little kitten. Finally, it came out from the bushes. Oh was i scared, i thought it was something else. Boy oh boy!!! But its a little kitten. Thank God! Anyway, my husband ask me where it come from? And he doesn't want to have kitten in the house. Enough with TOM only. He worried that this kitten will shit ... ops?! haha.. will poop and pee everywhere.. But i said, it woun't. Still disagreeing .. but then i can't do anything. I can't just put the kitten away, with its condition so thin. I think another week, it die for sure. Somehow, it was okay to have this kitten around. Oh screeching meowing got louder if not fed. Haha... Then TOM was okay with it too. It was not even a month, it ate well. Not thin as before. Now look cuter.. So i thought of calling it 'CAMOUFLAGE' since it just blend with everything outside the house especially in the garden. I must say beautiful. Now.. here comes the story. I didn't see Camouflage for a while. Wondering yeah yes you can say that. But then i said to myself its probably playing out there with other cats. Its okay. Every morning i knock on my car just incase it didn't sleep under or in my car engine. Oh.. oh!!! i got to tell you this. My husband told me, when i was in Jakarta, he took my car out for a drive. And little did he know that the kitten was on the wheel. Yes!!!!!!!! Serious. He drove my car all the way to tungku and gadong link, and stop at the traffic light. A van full of young children was shouting pointing fingers to the wheel of my car. My husband wonder why these people were doing that???? Of course he can't hear what they were saying shouthing and pointing at, but it seems like they are telling him something important. Hahah... He came out and saw the kitten. Haha.. my Camouflage!!! OMG!! Do you want to know what he did to it? Here goes the continuition of this story.. Poor thing. My husband can be cold at times you know, hahah.. He took it and throw it in the boot of my car. Went to play badminton for an hour or so, with it in the boot of the car. Came home, and took the kitten out. Hahahha!!!! Mean!! Still the kitten was alive. Got the hint already when i said 'was alive?'.. One day .... i heard something outside the porch. But i can't care less. But when i went out, i saw a vormit, a thickened mass of liquid on the wood floor. I didn't bother. I thought the cat vormited or just a cat poop. I didn't smell anything. Nothing at all.. i wonder but not care much mode. It was there for a while until it dried by itself. Noone care to clean it, so why should i. I realized i don't see Camouflage anymore. I wonder where it goes. A week, no Camouflage.. mmmm... to the extend, i thougt someone took it. Saw it somewhere and took it. But worst! Worst than i can ever imagne. Little did i know, that thickened mass of liquid dried out and was a vormit from something. That something ate something and vormitted. And the content of that vormit is blood and bulu and bones of Camouflage. Don't ask me what ate it, but when i wore my gloves, was about to sweep the floor with that dried vommited just stick. I got down, and tried to clean it, then i felt bones of something little. OMG!! I freak out and jumped. I just can't believed it. No... no.. no... I got down, close up, and saw Camouflage bulu and felt its excess bones..

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